Spartan Will.Power Service Day, April 18, 2015: Celebrated in India

SpartanWillPower1 SpartanWillPower2

Celebrated Spartan Will.Power Day (, by distributing Bird Baths (for little birds to drink water and take a dip in summer), created by Nature Forever Society ( The Bird Baths are handmade of terracota, designed to not gather moss/algae, and to not topple when birds drink water and shallow enough for little birds to not drown. House Sparrows have started leaving our cities due to unplanned urbanization and pollution – these Bird Baths (each costs less than $1) spread awareness about the problem and help people understand why it is so important to conserve birds.  Milind R. Agarwal & Smita M. Agarwal, MSU Alumni Club of India.

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